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Moving again! This time to sub folder

Well I had to move again and this is my last rodeo. My VPS host took off with my money ( a yearly fee ) and my sites so NUF said
Here is my situation
The address for it will be
The previous one had

I uploaded the files and made another database, but before I finish this the thought came across to me that it may not work..If it does not then is there a database config I can run to change the links to the proper format? Added by: in PHP Questions on
Same steps as on
Answered by: MongKol


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  1. MongKol
    MongKol Currently Offline → 2 September 2015 00:01

    Same steps as on
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  2. Kathryn
    Kathryn Currently Offline → 2 September 2015 11:15

    Okay everything is there, all the chmod is correct, I reinstalled it I have a working panel for the forum and no forum .. still goes to "all books " or something. I did the configurations as stated, and even the one for DLE 10.4 I am using 10.5. It's Okay, I will be alright without it I suppose.. It was for my users a guide for them to post. If they cannot figure it out,, I guess they should not post then
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  3. MongKol
    MongKol Currently Offline → 2 September 2015 22:04

    I don' think that folder even existing anymore because I can't see it, but install DLE on domain, subdomain or subfolder of domain or subfolder of subdomain will work as normal because all script in general can be installed on any level of domain or subdomain or subfolder
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