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add multilinks

I want to do a simple project:

create a page to add links
Member can add external links and select a category at the same moment.
(Visitors, Member) can view the links under the article.

Anybody who can help me on this?
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  1. dlefaq
    dlefaq Currently Offline → 3 July 2015 23:48

    so that's you call simple project? it's nothing like DLE, why don;t you use xfields? and add xfields manually instead of use default dle form, if you know DLE then there easy way to edit them because they are just HTML in .tpl file, if you don't know dle and html then change "a simple project" to other word.
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    1. learn
      learn Currently Offline → 4 July 2015 18:56

      Yes I am using xfields But !!
      When I choose, for example number of part(s), I can not add multiple links at the same time.
      Yes and of course ! I am ready to learn..but only one thing: I can not work myself this page.
      Datalife engine among the best scripts, but it is very difficult to deal with it.
      For this I ask for you to help me please.
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  2. dlefaq
    dlefaq Currently Offline → 5 July 2015 22:06

    there are 3 types of xfields
    - text field = single line of text which is "input"
    - text area = multiple lines of text which is "textarea"
    - list = drop down list selection using select > option list

    "text area" is text area field you can add as many links or lines you want, like you have 10 links per file or per host, all you need to do is copy and paste those links then you are done...

    but it is very difficult to deal with it

    DLE compare to wrodpress, it's far more simple than wordpress, you know wordpress doesn't mean dle or joomla is difficult, you know dle doesn't mean wordpress or joomla is difficult, you know joomla or Drupal or MODx doesn't mean other is more difficult, I personally have used Drupal, MODx, wordpress and joomla before DLE, all of those script have their own unique and structure, dle is easy structure compare to any of those script better yet it's simple structure that's why many users have problem with server resources because load balancing is not as good as other script so it's much more easier than any others...
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