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Quote like wbb or vbulletin - bulletenergy


i wanna mod the button [fast]quote[/fast] like wbb or vbulletin.
normally if you click on a button named "quote" it looks like

Quote: xDaMoNx
this is the quote how i want it

but in bullet energy if you click on quote its like:


i want to quote the whole message after i click on it without mark the message

how can i make it? Added by: in PHP Questions on

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Nickname with special character

is there a way to use special character in nicknames in datalife engine? im talking about *
i want a nicknames like *nickname*
i can register with this but if i wanna watch my profile i get the error the user doesnt exist.
can somebody help me?

thanks :)

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I have problem with top viwes

Why it not works??

{custom category="1,2,3" template="shortstory" limit="10" order="views"} Added by: in PHP Questions on
There are only sort orders as follow:
date - sort news by date
rating - sort news by rating
reads - sort news by views
comments - sort news by number of comments
title - sort news by article titles
rand - random sort order for news

So the correct tag would be
{custom category="1,2,3" template="shortstory" limit="10" order="reads"}
Answered by: dlefaq

How to increase upload size 4 mb?

Hi guys

I wanted to know how to increase the size of file uploads, default is 4 MB, I have my php.ini with a value of 50 mb.

Thanks for the help. Added by: in PHP Questions on

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Sorting Article using xfield value

I want to be able to sort article(movie) using xfield value, like movie rating x/5 and year of production.
look that screenshot:
Any idea what I should do? Added by: in PHP Questions on

Custom seo url in your language - dots in url

Hi guys !

I have a problem with links in dle, in standard my links look like that:

and its not proper name, it shoudl be /więzień-nienawiści.html

so I used hack called "Custom seo url in your language" and it was fine, but spaces turn into %20 and link look like that:ęzień%20nienawści.html

I want to change %20 into dot, make link look like:ęzień.nienawści.html

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xfields in main.tpl

hello . how can use xfields in main ?
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Moving again! This time to sub folder

Well I had to move again and this is my last rodeo. My VPS host took off with my money ( a yearly fee ) and my sites so NUF said
Here is my situation
The address for it will be
The previous one had

I uploaded the files and made another database, but before I finish this the thought came across to me that it may not work..If it does not then is there a database config I can run to change the links to the proper format? Added by: in PHP Questions on
Same steps as on
Answered by: MongKol

script tags not load correctly

Hello, on my website on each template the script load after instead of tag.
I have uploaded website on different host and i have same error...
on this vps i have not enabled any cache module... not varnish not memcache or other...

trying to inspect the page i see:

on admin side

on front side

my skype contact metalx_ddl

best regard's 21K
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