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To all members, currently the site is offline/closed due to team member emergency situations, so if you have asked or requested any works to team members, please contact me on because dlestarter team member went missing, fortunately he has been rescued but in critical conditions, so any work requests will be on hold or possibly return or refund your payments...however, is primary partner with so we will do whatever we can to help dlestarter team survive...Thank you
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Tags dont show up ?

Hello , i have a problem since 2 days a go tags dont show up, i check the settings in system Settings tags are activated , tags are added for every news but thay dont show up as it can be seen in the image...
Can anyone say why this is happening >?
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GIF image not loading uploaded without watermark

GIF image not loading uploaded without watermark Added by: in PHP Questions on

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My watermark is not showing on DLE

I know people can download the pictures I do not care about that but I want them watermarked so if they want to use them again they can figure out how to remove it... I go through a lot to get covers for the e-books and wish them somewhat protected.

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How to set [xfgiven_original_title] and more

Hello everyone, i need help with my theme, my english isn't good, but i try my best to make my english better..

I Have DLE 10.2 installed with theme D5 Cinema, but i have a problem, i don't know how to post using this codes

etc i don't know how to use this codes, i have the readme.html but the language of this document is russian, if i put in tradutor, some texts no make sense, you know tradutor or translator isn't perfect..

My post keep like this:
I Need put like this original post:

if you see in 2 screenshot, you can see all post is good, with thumbnail, year, trailer etc.. my question is how to use that? i don't know how to use.. i am a beginner on DLE..

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All you need is create xfields in admin cp with the field name:

if you want everything ready to use then open engine/data/xfields.txt then copy and paste code below in that file....then you are done...
original_title|Original name||text||1|0|0|0
poster|Movie Poster||text||1|0|0|0
year|Movie Year||text||1|1|0|0
director|Movie Director||text||1|1|0|0
cast|Movie Actors||text||1|1|0|0
trailer|Movie Trailer||textarea||1|0|0|0
Answered by: dlefaq

article and usergroup permissions problem

even my editor groups posted articles are going into moderation i have checked their permission everything is fine and they are disabled to that group even though their posts are going into moderation

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Is possible to convert database from wp to dle?

i have wordpress site...i want move to dle..
how to convert or migrate wp to dle?

any tool or other way..

anyone give good reply

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Yes you can use wordpress = > dle conversion module which can be downloaded below
You are not allow to download file from our server
both wordpress and dle must be installed on the same server (can be top level domains or sub-domains)

Please make sure to make full backup because you will not be able to convert back or reverse back unless you can find other converter...

I would recommend convert wordpress to DLE version 9.2 or 9.3 then after the conversion is successful then upgrade DLE 9.2 or 9.3 to DLE 10.5
Answered by: dlefaq

add multilinks

I want to do a simple project:

create a page to add links
Member can add external links and select a category at the same moment.
(Visitors, Member) can view the links under the article.

Anybody who can help me on this?
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I have a display with the profiles

I guess the best way to explain it is have you visit.. Then please tell me what to do LOL
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Moved with another IP and having slight problem

So most things but the imperative do not work..log in and the dropdown admin, The slide show is not working either and I do not know why... If yu need acess to admin Yorismith Then let me know. I am pouzzled because the links seem correct Added by: in CSS Questions on
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Answered by: dlefaq

Related Articles not showing

im sorry for newbie questions
how to shown related articles ,
Related Articles not showingRelated Articles not showing
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Go to Admin CP > System Settings > Database Setting tab
Set "Enable Related News module: Yes"
Answered by: dlefaq