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How to upload the images to other Servers?


How can I host the images to Server B after I uploaded the images on the Server A?


Server A the image url is (Original URL):

Server B the image url is ( I want this one. Because I want to get a Server for host images only ):

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How to add php code to run in main.tpl?

How to add php code to run in main.tpl?
I want to install an ads which required a php code after
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Categories separation

Hi guys!
I was wondering how to separate categories on shortstory using other punctuation instead of commas. Basically I want categories to be like cat1-cat2-cat3 instead of cat1, cat2, cat3 . I hope its an easy answer. Added by: in PHP Questions on

how to fix video size?


i am checking DLEFaq Default Lightweight Theme(

Working fine.. i love it.
I got problem video width and height in mobile device. Original video Size 560x315.. pc and tablet working fine. but in mobile device not well.. showing same size 560x315...but full story content showing well.. but video not fit mobile device..

hot to fix video size in mobile device with this theme?

understand my english
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it's depending on how you add video, but if you add video by iframe or using html5 code then you need to add css container for your video, for example if you add youtube video then you will need to add code like this
<div class="video-container">
then add css in styles.css
.video-container{position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;padding-top:35px;height:0;overflow:hidden;margin:0 auto;text-align:center}
.video-container iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%}
.video-container video{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%}
This will give you completely responsive, or you can add class in parse.class.php if you want class to be added automatically, but note that in parse.class.php will only cover youtube and any video providers which parsed by DLE script, if you use any other video hosts then you need to add class manually like example above
Answered by: dlefaq

How can I use the Country Fliter on the Xfield?


How can I use the Country Fliter on the Xfield? Thanks

<div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;padding-top:25px;height:0;width:100%;min-width:100%">
   <div id="player_box">
	<iframe src="[xfvalue_iframe]" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%"></iframe>

<div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;padding-top:25px;height:0;width:100%;min-width:100%">
<img src="{THEME}/dleimages/videopreview.jpg" alt="{title}" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%" />

<div class="server"><span class="servername">[xfvalue_servername1]</span>
[xfgiven_s1_video1]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video1]");'>1</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video1]
[xfgiven_s1_video2]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video2]");'>2</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video2]
[xfgiven_s1_video3]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video3]");'>3</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video3]
[xfgiven_s1_video4]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video4]");'>4</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video4]
[xfgiven_s1_video5]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video5]");'>5</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video5]
<div class="server"><span class="servername">[xfvalue_servername2]</span>
[xfgiven_s2_video1]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video1]");'>1</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video1]
[xfgiven_s2_video2]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video2]");'>2</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video2]
[xfgiven_s2_video3]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video3]");'>3</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video3]
[xfgiven_s2_video4]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video4]");'>4</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video4]
[xfgiven_s2_video5]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video5]");'>5</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video5]
<div class="server"><span class="servername">[xfvalue_servername3]</span>
[xfgiven_s3_video1]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video1]");'>1</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video1]
[xfgiven_s3_video2]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video2]");'>2</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video2]
[xfgiven_s3_video3]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video3]");'>3</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video3]
[xfgiven_s3_video4]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video4]");'>4</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video4]
[xfgiven_s3_video5]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video5]");'>5</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video5]

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10.5 DLE

Is there an advantage to upgrading to Datalife Engine 10.5? I don't think I can do it because of two things, XFields and JPlayer both of which I am lost to reinstall.,,

I just would like to know if I should go through the stress of it or just wait and use the version I have 10.4 Added by: in CSS Questions on
what you need for all steps are...
- backup files and database on your server
- upload and replace files on your server with dle 10.5 script files
- run upgrade via
- after that login to dle admin cp and clear smartcache, rebuild relatednews
- upgrade theme using this instruction
- install bullet energy using this tutorial:
Look for section: Install Bullet Energy 1.3 after upgraded DLE script to new version
- skip step #1
- on step #3 use "DLE 10.4" instruction
Also in the bottom use step "Datalife Engine 10.4 ONLY" it's for 10.5 will use the same file...

- clear bullet energy cache and recalculate statistics...
- if you use any hacks or modules you may need to reinstall them if any of them require script modifications, xfields and jplayer will not require any installation of modifications
Answered by: yorismith

spoiler script file

Hey guys were I can find spoiler script file ? I want edit this part.
spoiler script file
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spoiler is parsed by engine/classes/parse.class.php you search for section
function build_spoiler( $matches=array() ) {
Answered by: dlefaq

set title as shortstory

hello admin i m reddy i looking help in hack can i set title of post as automatics as short story lot of my authors are not using short story and by that dle script is unable to create keywords and description which is effecting my can you pls help thanks Added by: in PHP Questions on
try this
- open engine/modules/show.full.php find
		if( $row['keywords'] == '' AND $row['descr'] == '' AND $config['create_metatags'] ) create_keywords( $row['short_story'] . $row['full_story'] );
		else {
			$metatags['keywords'] = $row['keywords'];
			if( $row['descr'] ) $metatags['description'] = $row['descr']; else $metatags['description'] = $row['title'];

Replace with
		if( $row['keywords'] == '' AND $row['descr'] == '' AND $config['create_metatags'] ) create_keywords( $row['title'] . $row['short_story'] . $row['full_story']);
		else {
			$metatags['keywords'] = $row['title'] . $row['keywords'];
			if( $row['descr'] ) $metatags['description'] = $row['descr']; else $metatags['description'] = $row['title'];
Answered by: dlefaq

YStarter player

i have problem with YStarter theme 10.3(DLE 10.5)

The player is not working. Code from fullstory :
<video style="width:100%;height:100%;min-width:480px;min-height:360px" preload="none" controls> 
	<source type="video/youtube" src="[xfvalue_trailer]"></source>
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This question reported as fixed and solved
Answered by: TMPretox

i can't acess my profile or any categories

Hello, i have DLE 10.2 and DLE 10.1 and in this versions have a same problem.. por example..
If i go to my profile in DLE, the DLE say this error

Not Found

The requested URL /user/Kingsm4n/ was not found on this server.

I can't acess my profile.. whats happen with my DLE? how i can fix?
Currently i use VPS with Ubuntu 14.10 if for this?

If i try go to any category say this.
Not Found

The requested URL /movies/ was not found on this server.

What Happens with my DLE? its the htacess? i put htacess but isn't working..
How i can fix that?

Now i have currently using DLE 10.1 but with DLE 10.2 doesn't work..

EDIT: I have installed DLE on web hosting and has worked perfectly but in vps no! i have sended htacess for my vps and is not worked..
But in web hosting is worked perfectly.. Added by: in Others on