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Attention Members!!!

To all members, currently the site is offline/closed due to team member emergency situations, so if you have asked or requested any works to team members, please contact me on because dlestarter team member went missing, fortunately he has been rescued but in critical conditions, so any work requests will be on hold or possibly return or refund your payments...however, is primary partner with so we will do whatever we can to help dlestarter team survive...Thank you
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Sorting Article using xfield value

I want to be able to sort article(movie) using xfield value, like movie rating x/5 and year of production.
look that screenshot:
Any idea what I should do? Added by: in PHP Questions on

Custom seo url in your language - dots in url

Hi guys !

I have a problem with links in dle, in standard my links look like that:

and its not proper name, it shoudl be /więzień-nienawiści.html

so I used hack called "Custom seo url in your language" and it was fine, but spaces turn into %20 and link look like that:ęzień%20nienawści.html

I want to change %20 into dot, make link look like:ęzień.nienawści.html

Sorry for my bad English request Please help me love Added by: in PHP Questions on

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xfields in main.tpl

hello . how can use xfields in main ?
thank you Added by: in PHP Questions on

Online users module for 10.5

Can anyone please tell me a Online users module compatible with v10.5 for film fusion template?
Template here

Thanks in advance Added by: in HTML/TPL Questions on

Problem with SEO function

Hi I am new to this site. I was maybe one of the first members of also a vip member.

I am having troubles with my new site.
I have installed dle 10.2 and with SEO function enabled I cannot open any articles on main page.
When I try to open them I get ERROR 404. Or default from my provider for page not found.

For some reason datalife engine keeps old articles link

For example:
After SEO function is enabled if I try to open old link ( /index.php?newsid=55 ) everything is OK. But when I click on it on site it just shows an error.
Link should be

insted of newsid=

Thank you in advance for your help Added by: in Others on
Create .htaccess with this code

Actually the simple answer is upload .htaccess from distribution package because you never uploaded it, so answer is upload it or disable SEO, if you enable SEO then you must upload htaccess, that's simple.
Answered by: MongKol

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where would I make the default font change On BE

I know I have asked this before over a year ago but I cannot find the post. How would I change the default font family on BE forum so that when you post it shows Georgia Italic Or bookman old style or whatever. What line would I chang please? Added by: in CSS Questions on

I can't upload Images on DLE 10.5

Hello, after restore my website.. all is OK, without a problem.. but i repair i can't upload URL images
You can see here: in red.. appear this warning.. and if i try upload image from URL, keeps all day saying "Please.. Wait.."
I have put ALL folders and subfolders "upload" with 777 chmod.. but isn't work too..

Version of DLE: 10.5 in Ubuntu 14.04
You are help me soo much, thank you to all DLEFAQ Staff
How i can fix that? thank you! Added by: in HTML/TPL Questions on

Set home page different

hello by using htaccess can i set my site home page this one possible then i have no problem in looking of url like or ? if it's possible pls let me know thanks Added by: in Others on

Cant Access Admin Panel

Can't Login To Admin Panel


I tried to login to admin panel yesterday and it kept giving me the authentication box every time I entered the username and password. I had been in a couple of times earlier as usual with no problem.

Tried today still could not login.
Username and Password are 100 percent correct.

Can someone please help with this.

Is it another way to get to the admin panel?

What can I do to get back to posting?

Thanks Added by: in Others on
if you can login to main page using admin account but can't get into admin.php then be sure that password you see is popup from DLE not security layer like htaccess or any hacks you use to protect admin.php, 100% correct password is not always correct answer if your admin cp files and folder are protected by third party script or hack or htaccess...

did you set "Login mode: - secured -"? if yes then I am not surprise on what you that case set it back to "- persistent -", read this topic
Answered by: MongKol

address /forum not working

I totally am puzzled with this one. To make a long story short I had to move servers again and was ripped off on top of that, but I got the entire site done, not Bullet energy.. here is the real problem.

When you go from the link or put the address in, and the address has not changed and the forum is installed and so are the .htaccess file, and all the configs, goes to a bogus page that I do not have showing at that address.. Try it,, and {forumDisplay} shows at the top of the site although I put it before /head like it says. I am so confused, the links all lead to the right address but wow.. Added by: in CSS Questions on
Check step #3 and #4 on installation
Answered by: MongKol