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To all members, currently the site is offline/closed due to team member emergency situations, so if you have asked or requested any works to team members, please contact me on because dlestarter team member went missing, fortunately he has been rescued but in critical conditions, so any work requests will be on hold or possibly return or refund your payments...however, is primary partner with so we will do whatever we can to help dlestarter team survive...Thank you
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Link problem stats.tpl

Ok my problem is about stats.tpl, it has to show us the statisics of the site but it shows somthing like :

Total Articles: {news_num}
Total Published: {news_allow}

{news_num} = dosent show a number but the string

Her is an image :

I have insert this
{include file="stats.tpl"}
on the right sidebar but nothing to do link problem between stats.php and stats.tpl???
Im using Dle 10.5.. Please help me no Added by: in HTML/TPL Questions on

DLE and Nginx..

Hello, i have installed Web Server Nginx because it's more faster than apache.. now the problem is very high.. I can't find any support or tutorials in English to setup DLE + Nginx.. that's the problem..

I have installed DLE 10.5 on /usr/share/nginx/html it's working, i can access to admin.php, and the index.php of my website..

Now if i click on any post or content on my website, nginx give me this error "404 Not Found" but the post or the content exists, so.. i have thinking is mode rewrite, the problem.. is Nginx doesn't use .htaccess to make mod rewrite..

So, how i can solve that? Nginx to use with DLE it's very hard, because in Internet all tutorials are in Russian, that's help to be harder configure that, and some codes doesn't work because the posts are very old on Internet..

DLE with support in english it's very hard to find, most of websites with dle content in english are stopped..
I can't find anything of DLE + Nginx 10.5

Can you help me with that? because DLE + Nginx it's a great combination and my website runs more faster and smooth than apache, and for security is much better.

So i use Ubuntu 14.04 and DLE 10.5 with Webserver Nginx..

Can you help me with that?

You help is very useful and worthwhile.


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Quick Remove Link

Hi ,I hope to get help
I want to quickly erase links url
because DMCA send a lot of links
deleting multiple url so tired, thanks Added by: in Others on

how to hide or no display category in {content}?

how to hide or no display category in {content}?
i want to hide one or two category in main page.
Is possible?
Note : i try to below code but not working.

News Category


Pl understand, what i say. thanks Added by: in Others on

How to increase upload size 4 mb?

Hi guys

I wanted to know how to increase the size of file uploads, default is 4 MB, I have my php.ini with a value of 50 mb.

Thanks for the help. Added by: in PHP Questions on

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Embedding Doesn't Work

For some reason whenever I tried to embed code in addnews nothing happens. I embed the code, check preview, it's blank. When I go to other sites and copy their embed code, I copy paste nothing happens. For instance one site you can create quizzes. I create quiz copy code paste in addnews but nothing shows. The only way I can get a embed code to work is if I paste it in my ads module, then the embed works and shows on all pages.

I want to be able to embed on single page, the things like videos, games, quizzes.

Thanks For Any Assistance. Added by: in Others on

Change directory of tags page

hello is there way to change directory of tags and xfsearch.the directory of tags and xfsearch look like this and i wanna those to directory dispaly like this of my friend said it can be done for .htaccess if can know pls help me thanks Added by: in Others on

I can't submit or view article when enable SEO

I am having troubles with my new site.
I have installed dle 10.5 and with SEO function enabled I cannot open any articles on main page and when I click on addnew in homepage, it always reload page.

I've tried to update htaccess file but it doesn't work.

Thank you in advance for your help. Added by: in Others on

How i can contact to yorismith?

How I can contact to Yorismith?
I need supporter from Dlefaq Added by: in CSS Questions on

Theme with a lot errors

Hello, i'm currently using DLE 10.5 and theme is compatible with 10.5, the problem is.. if i install the theme, appears a lot of "????????????????????" in category and others menus.. my DLE is UFT-8..

The errors is this:
Menus disorganized with ??? and you can see in right the menu is cut

I use another theme and isn't work, this theme in image is: haleava, i have used V-Zoom have the same problem with "???????????"

The problem of DLE is no exists to much websites with english content, only russian.. and it's complicate to find a good theme in english.. very complicated..

Do you know, how i can fix that?

I Hope see dlestarter back, more powerfull etc :(
Thanks a lot! wink Added by: in Others on