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Attention Members!!!

To all members, currently the site is offline/closed due to team member emergency situations, so if you have asked or requested any works to team members, please contact me on because dlestarter team member went missing, fortunately he has been rescued but in critical conditions, so any work requests will be on hold or possibly return or refund your payments...however, is primary partner with so we will do whatever we can to help dlestarter team survive...Thank you
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Looking for this module/hack

I found this:
A very usefull hack(or module), as i see there are all of recent searched keywords, and all indexed.
Please help me! I can pay for it!
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No correct answer yet/Unsolve (waiting for response from developer) template needed

I want template

Hope you can help me

I can donate monney for you

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if anyone wants this theme we can make it and customize it for DLE 10.2 to 10.4 (any versions from 10.2 to 10.4 - but you must specify the version with your offer using feedback form)
Answered by: dlefaq

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As I put the Anti-adblock?

Hi guys

As I put the Anti-adblock plugin? or what would be the script?
As I put the Anti-adblock?As I put the Anti-adblock?
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This jquery and hack is available here:
Answered by: yorismith

How to add avatar gif ?

Whether it is possible to add an avatar gif ?
If yes , please tips on how to do it. Added by: in Others on
gif animation was removed in DLE 9.7 security patch after disaster on server there is no way to get it back, you can use gif in LDE but you cannot gif animation

if you really need gif animation then you should use in your signature instead of upload avatar, there maybe some developers or freelancer out there can do works for you but I am sure it will not be cheap...
Answered by: yorismith

Update MySQL

How to update 10.3 MySQL to 10.4 MySQL ? Added by: in MySQL Questions on
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Answered by: dlefaq

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Could you help me to find this template?

I'm looking for this template:
I can't register there, also that post is too old.
Could you please help me to find that temp?
I can pay for it.
Please help!
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Here is copy if file downloaded from URL you provided above please note, that theme was for DLE 9.0
You are not allow to download file from our server
Answered by: yorismith

AudioBook problem

Okay so now am puzzled. All of a sudden my audio files do not work.. I worked hard on some of them and tried to correct this one in particular. I use jplayer and before I was out I had no problem.

I redid the playlist and everything... checked and checked and I would have to say something happened to the player.
Hope I can repair this ...
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Answered by: dlefaq

admin password

Hi guys I forgot my admin pass .. I try to look on it at phpMyadmin i just show letters and numbers Any different way to look what my password was ? Added by: in MySQL Questions on
Login to your PHPMyAdmin and replace your password value with

Now you can login to your website using password 123

The full tutorial on how to recovery DLE Admin password is available at
Answered by: yorismith

Users Cannot register On My Site on DLe

So I have a problem that I found out in email. People cannot join my site. That is a severe problem alright because of the way it is set up.
So I tried it myself and the error I continued to get was " invalid email address" which is not true.
How can I repair this problem? Added by: in Others on
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Answered by: yorismith

Add videos from facebook to your DLE website

Is any easy way to add videos from fb
Like we can add from youtube ?
I have website base on youtube videos but they are so many on fb and i cba to download them and add them on youtube
Im useing "YStarter : YouTube Theme for DLE (1.0/1.1)" theme
And i want open fb videos like youtube trailer (tubeposter) Added by: in HTML/TPL Questions on
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Answered by: yorismith