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How to upload the images to other Servers?


How can I host the images to Server B after I uploaded the images on the Server A?


Server A the image url is (Original URL):

Server B the image url is ( I want this one. Because I want to get a Server for host images only ):

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how to fix video size?


i am checking DLEFaq Default Lightweight Theme(

Working fine.. i love it.
I got problem video width and height in mobile device. Original video Size 560x315.. pc and tablet working fine. but in mobile device not well.. showing same size 560x315...but full story content showing well.. but video not fit mobile device..

hot to fix video size in mobile device with this theme?

understand my english
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it's depending on how you add video, but if you add video by iframe or using html5 code then you need to add css container for your video, for example if you add youtube video then you will need to add code like this
<div class="video-container">
then add css in styles.css
.video-container{position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;padding-top:35px;height:0;overflow:hidden;margin:0 auto;text-align:center}
.video-container iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%}
.video-container video{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%}
This will give you completely responsive, or you can add class in parse.class.php if you want class to be added automatically, but note that in parse.class.php will only cover youtube and any video providers which parsed by DLE script, if you use any other video hosts then you need to add class manually like example above
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How can I use the Country Fliter on the Xfield?


How can I use the Country Fliter on the Xfield? Thanks

<div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;padding-top:25px;height:0;width:100%;min-width:100%">
   <div id="player_box">
	<iframe src="[xfvalue_iframe]" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%"></iframe>

<div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;padding-top:25px;height:0;width:100%;min-width:100%">
<img src="{THEME}/dleimages/videopreview.jpg" alt="{title}" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%" />

<div class="server"><span class="servername">[xfvalue_servername1]</span>
[xfgiven_s1_video1]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video1]");'>1</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video1]
[xfgiven_s1_video2]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video2]");'>2</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video2]
[xfgiven_s1_video3]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video3]");'>3</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video3]
[xfgiven_s1_video4]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video4]");'>4</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video4]
[xfgiven_s1_video5]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s1_video5]");'>5</a>[/xfgiven_s1_video5]
<div class="server"><span class="servername">[xfvalue_servername2]</span>
[xfgiven_s2_video1]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video1]");'>1</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video1]
[xfgiven_s2_video2]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video2]");'>2</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video2]
[xfgiven_s2_video3]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video3]");'>3</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video3]
[xfgiven_s2_video4]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video4]");'>4</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video4]
[xfgiven_s2_video5]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video5]");'>5</a>[/xfgiven_s2_video5]
<div class="server"><span class="servername">[xfvalue_servername3]</span>
[xfgiven_s3_video1]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video1]");'>1</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video1]
[xfgiven_s3_video2]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video2]");'>2</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video2]
[xfgiven_s3_video3]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video3]");'>3</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video3]
[xfgiven_s3_video4]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video4]");'>4</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video4]
[xfgiven_s3_video5]<a onclick='play("[xfvalue_s2_video5]");'>5</a>[/xfgiven_s3_video5]

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spoiler script file

Hey guys were I can find spoiler script file ? I want edit this part.
spoiler script file
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spoiler is parsed by engine/classes/parse.class.php you search for section
function build_spoiler( $matches=array() ) {
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i can't acess my profile or any categories

Hello, i have DLE 10.2 and DLE 10.1 and in this versions have a same problem.. por example..
If i go to my profile in DLE, the DLE say this error

Not Found

The requested URL /user/Kingsm4n/ was not found on this server.

I can't acess my profile.. whats happen with my DLE? how i can fix?
Currently i use VPS with Ubuntu 14.10 if for this?

If i try go to any category say this.
Not Found

The requested URL /movies/ was not found on this server.

What Happens with my DLE? its the htacess? i put htacess but isn't working..
How i can fix that?

Now i have currently using DLE 10.1 but with DLE 10.2 doesn't work..

EDIT: I have installed DLE on web hosting and has worked perfectly but in vps no! i have sended htacess for my vps and is not worked..
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Tags dont show up ?

Hello , i have a problem since 2 days a go tags dont show up, i check the settings in system Settings tags are activated , tags are added for every news but thay dont show up as it can be seen in the image...
Can anyone say why this is happening >?
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How to set [xfgiven_original_title] and more

Hello everyone, i need help with my theme, my english isn't good, but i try my best to make my english better..

I Have DLE 10.2 installed with theme D5 Cinema, but i have a problem, i don't know how to post using this codes

etc i don't know how to use this codes, i have the readme.html but the language of this document is russian, if i put in tradutor, some texts no make sense, you know tradutor or translator isn't perfect..

My post keep like this:
I Need put like this original post:

if you see in 2 screenshot, you can see all post is good, with thumbnail, year, trailer etc.. my question is how to use that? i don't know how to use.. i am a beginner on DLE..

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All you need is create xfields in admin cp with the field name:

if you want everything ready to use then open engine/data/xfields.txt then copy and paste code below in that file....then you are done...
original_title|Original name||text||1|0|0|0
poster|Movie Poster||text||1|0|0|0
year|Movie Year||text||1|1|0|0
director|Movie Director||text||1|1|0|0
cast|Movie Actors||text||1|1|0|0
trailer|Movie Trailer||textarea||1|0|0|0
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article and usergroup permissions problem

even my editor groups posted articles are going into moderation i have checked their permission everything is fine and they are disabled to that group even though their posts are going into moderation

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Related Articles not showing

im sorry for newbie questions
how to shown related articles ,
Related Articles not showingRelated Articles not showing
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Go to Admin CP > System Settings > Database Setting tab
Set "Enable Related News module: Yes"
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Can't create/update sitemap

Even the uploads folder is chmod 777, i can't create /update sitemap
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