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Problem with SEO function

Hi I am new to this site. I was maybe one of the first members of also a vip member.

I am having troubles with my new site.
I have installed dle 10.2 and with SEO function enabled I cannot open any articles on main page.
When I try to open them I get ERROR 404. Or default from my provider for page not found.

For some reason datalife engine keeps old articles link

For example:
After SEO function is enabled if I try to open old link ( /index.php?newsid=55 ) everything is OK. But when I click on it on site it just shows an error.
Link should be

insted of newsid=

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Create .htaccess with this code

Actually the simple answer is upload .htaccess from distribution package because you never uploaded it, so answer is upload it or disable SEO, if you enable SEO then you must upload htaccess, that's simple.
Answered by: MongKol

Set home page different

hello by using htaccess can i set my site home page this one possible then i have no problem in looking of url like or ? if it's possible pls let me know thanks Added by: in Others on

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Cant Access Admin Panel

Can't Login To Admin Panel


I tried to login to admin panel yesterday and it kept giving me the authentication box every time I entered the username and password. I had been in a couple of times earlier as usual with no problem.

Tried today still could not login.
Username and Password are 100 percent correct.

Can someone please help with this.

Is it another way to get to the admin panel?

What can I do to get back to posting?

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if you can login to main page using admin account but can't get into admin.php then be sure that password you see is popup from DLE not security layer like htaccess or any hacks you use to protect admin.php, 100% correct password is not always correct answer if your admin cp files and folder are protected by third party script or hack or htaccess...

did you set "Login mode: - secured -"? if yes then I am not surprise on what you that case set it back to "- persistent -", read this topic
Answered by: MongKol

Sitemap for dle

Hello ,I need to create sitemap for my site
please let you help me create this sitemap? as this model?
Sitemap for dle
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it's manual custom module, no step or tutorial available...
Answered by: MongKol

Help Please my account administrator is banned

I marked myself admin as spammers are now banned from my site

How can I do to remove the ban from my administrator account? Help Please Added by: in Others on
There are a few ways to remove banned admin account...
1) create new admin account (or login to different admin account if you have one), simply register new account then login to phpmyadmin then manually change usergroup by going to database table "dle_users" and find newly created account and click to edit then change usergroup to "1" which will set to administrator group, then user this account to login to remove "banned" on admin account which was marked as banned

2) login to phpmyadmin and go to database table "dle_users", click "Edit" on admin account which marked as "banned" then scroll down to "banned" (should be located below "reg_date") the value of this table column should be set to "yes", simply remove it, another word, remove the word "yes" so it will be empty value (be sure to completely remove character in this which is empty with no space or no character at all
Answered by: MongKol

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Auto Tags in DLE 10.5

Is there any hack or module to add auto tags in DLE 10.5 and to work? Added by: in Others on

Backup my website and Move to other Host

Hello, i need help, i have DLE 10.5 and need make backup of posts,users,content of my website.. but how i can make that? and move my DLE to another host.. but i don't have to much experience, i not have experience..

Can you help me, with make a backup and move to other VPS?
Currently i have Ubuntu 14.04 on my VPS.

Thank you

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DLE AJAX on {content}

Anyone knows how to activate ajax content loading under {content} tag? I want to create a web app with a online player and users must navigate under content with out music cut on every page load.

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I want tutorial Anti dupplicate title DLE 10.x

Hi all,I want tutorial Anti dupplicate title DLE 10.x

Thanks all :) Added by: in Others on
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Problem log-out

Hello I have a serious problem with my site, when a news editors want to add a new log is lost, and when you want to logout does logout Added by: in Others on