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How i can add videos (players) on tabs with fields

Hello, my theme is theme paid.. the name of theme is GoodKino.. i have one doubt..
I have see on fullstory.tpl the xfields codes like


All codes of year,poster,image is on fullstory.tpl it's ok.. I HAVE Created this camps on additionals fields.. it's working without any problem..

My problem is.. my theme use "tabs" to insert videos on him.. but i don't know how to put videos on him.. I asked for support, he's only say.. to create additional xfield camp.. but i can't see any code to put on xfields like others i said above..

So that's is the code

That's is the code to add videos on tabs.. but how i can use that? What code is supposed to call on xfields? I don't know.. my mind is confused, i have search a lot of search but i only can see on russian language.. that's hard to learn and understand.. (this is the problem.. in fullstory doesn't have any code to put on xfields was you can see here

I need to put videos here on tab 1 and tab 2: << that's my problem, what i need to put on xfields?

Genre and image etc etc it's easy, but this it's kinda hard to understand.

So my final question is.. how i can add videos or player as you like to call.. on this tabs or pages (Player A,B,C etc)
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Limit Post not work

Im set Maximum number of news per day 30

But not working,My membership has written many articles Added by: in Others on

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How toAdd button Edit Post

Hi all,I want add button Edit Post to post

How toAdd button Edit Post

Please help me,thanks Added by: in Others on
all you need is add dle tag in both shortstory.tpl and fullstory.tpl or whatever theme file which showing article
[edit]Edit article[/edit]
Answered by: dlefaq

avoid Duplicate Title

is there way to avoid author to publish same title post which already existed in database Added by: in Others on

Dle install in local

Hi on there was a video tutorial how to install dle in local using WAMP Server.
Now i can find that video on youtube.
Can somebody help me and give me the link with this great tutorial ???
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categories custom .html link

I'm trying to find a way to create .html pages that display specific categories content.

For example i want to create "" that shows same content as cat├ęgorie "" without redirecting the url in the adress bar!
(every other link in that page will stay normal, like "" and articles)

Is there a way to do that?
Also I guess it's the same thing for index/home page? if I want to create ""

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I want to get one article in

hello, bro,
I need this article :
as you know, i can not open now, can you kindly help me to get this article? very very thanks. Added by: in Others on

Paypal payment module

I was wondering if there is a module for paid membership.
The user would pay to access the premium content.
Thinking of moving my site from wp to dle. Currently testing and learning on xampp and I'm very pleased.
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Hide article a category in main page

How i want hide articles of a category in main page, but when i click link category (ex: have show this article normal. Thank you for support. Added by: in Others on

Turn on

Hi Folks
Sawanbanna was my good friend. I miss him. he was great web designer and developer. I think should not be closed to honour his death. He wanted to help people so I think in order to honour him you should keep the site alive and active. I will try my best to update the contents on site like Templates, modules, hacks etc.
Please Turn on the site.
PS: If anybody agree or disagree please leave comment Added by: in Others on