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DLE cache problem...

Hello 2 days ago DLE all worked well new some information from some modules based on cache are missing.

Here is how it look like before :

DLE cache problem...

Here is how it looks new :
DLE cache problem...

What if notes is that every time I change a setting no matter what setting I change in the CMS, the information come back, on refreshing the page all info disappears again.

Changing cache in main.tpl to yes or no well only to as the action in the above text ... Added by: in Others on

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  1. yorismith
    yorismith Currently Offline → 15 June 2015 12:43

    seems like server cache issues, no one can give direct answer on server cache or maybe file chmod issues...try to check folders and files chmod first and change all {include} tag not to use cache="yes", set all to "no" especially that slider and your sidebar block since they both are using cache...maybe you can provide admin login to help you test to find solution. but if problem from chmod and server cache then nothing we can help you until you correct them
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  2. NicolausX
    NicolausX Currently Offline → 15 June 2015 23:07

    Hy yorismith , After hours of stress i manage to find a small solution Disabling SmartCache seemis to solve the problem it new shows all information it dislays them correctly but it takes 9.1 sec to load the home page wish is bazaar in my opinion more problematic than not having this modules info...

    If with empty site loads in 9.1 sec then if i add say 300 news well destroy my nerves tell it loads home page and 0 trafic...

    It was haven if my host was supporting MEMCache...
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  3. yorismith
    yorismith Currently Offline → 16 June 2015 19:42

    the load can cause by any modules you installed or not installed but built-in while not in used, so you should review all settings and module you don't need...there are many websites that loading fine with 100,000 articles and more, example,, if you have 300 articles and crash your server then your server is terrible.
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  4. NicolausX
    NicolausX Currently Offline → 17 June 2015 18:02

    About the host you probably right, but what i try to say is that loading in 9.1 sec happens if have SmartCache disabled so i'm missing something here...

    if i activate SmartCache it loads page fast but 90% of modules dont show up, if i disabled SmartCache modules all work ok but 9.1 sec load...

    So is chase mate for me..
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  5. dlefaq
    dlefaq Currently Offline → 17 June 2015 19:14

    disable "Enable use of RSS informer module" and "Use Pin Articles module:" will save you about 6 sec. and that exactly what "yorismith" telling and disable what you don't use, maybe you don't read the comment...

    Here is the case scenario, we tested datalife engine on 2 host providers ( and the result with all settings by default with brand new installation of datalife engine 10.4
    - loading 13.7 sec
    - godaddy loading 7.9 sec

    So you should consider the same case if your server suck then you will get what you paid because on dlestarter vps online loaded less than 6 sec with brand new installation of DLE 10.4, which grade is your server? good, great or crappy? if crappy then you are screw and no one can make it faster unless you are absolute customize it on your way...

    if your server have cache over your cache then yes you probably get content appear and disappear and appear and disappear and appear and disappear and appear ....
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  6. NicolausX
    NicolausX Currently Offline → 18 June 2015 01:49

    haha f*k life then, maybe requesting them to disable default Cache well make my SmartCache work correctly...

    I will definitely try your advice and disable : Enable use of RSS informer module and Use Pin Articles module...

    Update after 2 Hours i'm getting a migraine is this for real ???? :
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