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Bullet Energy will not load when uploading

I did post this on DLEstarter and I understand everyone is very busy, but I thought I would try here which should actually have been my first stop.
When you use the upload button on BulletEnergy forum, the item uploads, shows in the bar and then disappears. I looked in the image folder on bullet energy and the item is there that I uploaded, checked all the chmods and made sure I installed it correctly and set it up to accept the correct files..
The forum addy is here:

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  1. dlefaq
    dlefaq Currently Offline → 2 June 2015 22:17

    Check your jquery error or server logs, if you are using PHP 5.4.x on your server then you have to contact DLEStarter Team for helps because Bullet Energy is not supporting PHP 5.4.x yet, you need to either downgrade PHP to 5.3.x or ask dlestarter team for custom modifications for PHP 5.4.x, I see your question on forum but I think they misunderstanding your question, they don't know the problem is "upload" button in forum when add new topic or reply to topic, it seems like your question is not clear enough for them to understand it since I was confused on your question there too...

    Check warning on :
    Quote: DLEStarter Team
    PHP 5.4.x Warning!
    This forum version will not operation or not function properly if you are using PHP 5.4.x version, especially upload, jquery and JSON functions will not work, so please consider install PHP 5.3.x in order to use this forum version
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  2. Kathryn
    Kathryn Currently Offline → 2 June 2015 22:49

    I do not have PHP changes avail to me , and I did find out this is the version on my VPS.

    PHP Version 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.9

    So I will talk to tech on the VPS, and disable the upload button for now. I can still use the forum for what I need by manually posting the photos or whatever.

    Thank you
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