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DLE and Nginx..

Hello, i have installed Web Server Nginx because it's more faster than apache.. now the problem is very high.. I can't find any support or tutorials in English to setup DLE + Nginx.. that's the problem..

I have installed DLE 10.5 on /usr/share/nginx/html it's working, i can access to admin.php, and the index.php of my website..

Now if i click on any post or content on my website, nginx give me this error "404 Not Found" but the post or the content exists, so.. i have thinking is mode rewrite, the problem.. is Nginx doesn't use .htaccess to make mod rewrite..

So, how i can solve that? Nginx to use with DLE it's very hard, because in Internet all tutorials are in Russian, that's help to be harder configure that, and some codes doesn't work because the posts are very old on Internet..

DLE with support in english it's very hard to find, most of websites with dle content in english are stopped..
I can't find anything of DLE + Nginx 10.5

Can you help me with that? because DLE + Nginx it's a great combination and my website runs more faster and smooth than apache, and for security is much better.

So i use Ubuntu 14.04 and DLE 10.5 with Webserver Nginx..

Can you help me with that?

You help is very useful and worthwhile.


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  1. MongKol
    MongKol Currently Offline → 13 December 2015 22:33

    you need to add nginx rewrite in server settings, however, nginx only available for dle clients and valid licensed users and we can't provide the rewrite code due to copyrights...sorry. you might be able to find the code from some russian sites.
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