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Problem to import database

Hi, my old webhosting have crashed and i having lost everything, template, full-bakups, backups, everything.

Now i moved into a new web-hosting, but i have only old bakup .sql generated (with the old host) using phpMyAdmin.

I have proceeded in this way (version used dle 10.4 utf8):
1. Create a new blank database on new host
2. Import backup .sql always using CPanel>phpMyAdmin
3. Query successfully imported
4. Install a new copy of dle 10.4 utf8 and indicate new database (with new user_db new_userpw)
5 Install succeful but datalife is blank have a default 4 articles, old imported post, users, etc.. not be detected by the portal, even if in the table are present

Please help me, how to import correctly backup .sql to retrieve all data? category, user groups, articles, users etc ... ???

Unfortunately I only have this backup, I have no other backups, thanks Added by: in MySQL Questions on


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  1. dlefaq
    dlefaq Currently Offline → 15 January 2016 00:24

    the only problem is that the new installation of database prefix and the old imported prefix maybe the same prefix so it may overwrite the old import, however, if old imported db and new installed db are in different prefix then all you need to do it login to cpanel or ftp and open file /engine/data/dbconfig.php and change the prefix for
    define ("PREFIX", "xxx");
    define ("USERPREFIX", "xxx");
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