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Link problem stats.tpl

Ok my problem is about stats.tpl, it has to show us the statisics of the site but it shows somthing like :

Total Articles: {news_num}
Total Published: {news_allow}

{news_num} = dosent show a number but the string

Her is an image :

I have insert this
{include file="stats.tpl"}
on the right sidebar but nothing to do link problem between stats.php and stats.tpl???
Im using Dle 10.5.. Please help me no Added by: in HTML/TPL Questions on


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  1. MongKol
    MongKol Currently Offline → 13 December 2015 22:30

    those tags only set to section for "stats" (statistics.html or index.php?do=stats) if you want to include stats in main you must add additional queries to database because those tags only applied to statistics page
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