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Moved with another IP and having slight problem

So most things but the imperative do not work..log in and the dropdown admin, The slide show is not working either and I do not know why... If yu need acess to admin Yorismith Then let me know. I am pouzzled because the links seem correct Added by: in CSS Questions on
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  1. dlefaq
    dlefaq Currently Offline → 25 June 2015 12:01

    can't check anything because it seems like your files are wiped out and have new script or something because it takes me to installation page which is telling me that dle is not installed or doesn't have config.php otherwise it won't take me to install.php
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    1. Kathryn
      Kathryn Currently Offline → 25 June 2015 17:34

      yes that is why I am here... I am uploading the files with a new database because it did not transfer correctly, It will take me a couple days to upload all the files through FTP and I did not change the database settings in the engine data yet. I will then upload my current DB and connect and repair LOL I guess my host updated the VPS
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  2. Kathryn
    Kathryn Currently Offline → 26 June 2015 12:47

    Well everything works now... so all is good..I did not even know those files were being transfered because I was not on the net for a couple days. Now like I said all is good Thank you for checking it out ..
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